1. It sounds like it’s better than I hoped for, but it’s Netflix, right? It’s a Burnett/Downey effort so there’s hope. But in an apostate America, what do you do? My basic hypothesis in my WIP is that true Christian living is viewed as fantasy these days. So, I developed a new world built around the truths we know on this one. It shows characters who live like my friends and I do every day, in an “urban [actually a whole new world” fantasy setting. I’m praying the Lord will bless it. I believe He will. It will be interesting to see. I imagine Messiah will have some sort of impact also.

  2. Kathleen J Eavenson says:

    I believe it was C.S. Lewis (of course!!) who wrote [somewhere] that miracles tend to cluster around difficult times in history, perhaps as an encouragement to those undergoing trials? So, I’m not so sure I want to see the really big splashy kind!

    Then again, how many may be happening in the world in places we don’t hear about? Especially the dreams and visions bringing people to Christ in the hard-to-reach areas of the world that we occasionally hear about. Now that kind of miracle I can really appreciate!

  3. Travis Perry says:

    I like the idea that the series is being coy about whether this character is really the Messiah or not. However, in a story you can’t play coy forever. Sooner or later the story will have to decide who the character really is. And then what? That should be interesting…

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