1. notleia says:

    The Little House ARE a fantasy, libertarian fantasy that edits out the parts about crushing poverty, infant mortality, Laura being farmed out for child labor and almost getting assaulted, and none of Pa’s eventual financial success being related to hard-workin’ farming but through mostly political connections.
    (Maybe I’m a skosh bitter about being fed overfull with pioneering stories throughout my childhood when it turns out all the hype was made the heck up.)

    • E. Stephen Burnett says:

      If those were the only stories I ever got, growing up, I’d likely get annoyed with them too.
      Not the stories’ fault, though.

  2. L.A. Smith says:

    Hmm…I’m not sure exactly what you are getting at. Basically your premise seems to me to be that to outsiders, the Christian (or any other) faith seems to them to be similar to the same fantastical, made-up fantasy worlds of authors such as Lewis and Tolkien. Which is probably correct. But in that case, it would not be just historical fiction which includes Christian elements such as the Bible, prayer or churches, but ANY fiction or indeed non-fiction that included these that they would see as “speculative”.

What do you think?