1. notleia says:

    This loops quite easily back to that discussion of The Frankenstein Chronicles and the plot-moving conflict being about the supply of corpses for dissection classes. Is the intact body important after death? Does dissection or cremation kick you out of the Resurrection Club?
    Honestly I’m not worried about it myself (my grandma notwithstanding) and the culture at large isn’t, but it’s easy to see how people would be.

  2. Lady Arin says:

    All right. I wasn’t going to say anything, but you dared me. I really don’t care that the feasts talked about in the Bible won’t be metaphorical. Eating is an inconvenience that can be pleasant on occasion, but is never enjoyable enough to be worth doing just for its own sake. Gatherings that focus solely on eating are about as interesting to me as a trip to the dentist.

    • notleia says:

      I find this interesting, and now I have the urge to experiment on you to see if it’s because you haven’t been exposed much to good cooking or if you’re just idiosyncratic that way.
      My mom is from the Midwestern school of cooking where you dump stuff in a casserole dish with cream of mushroom, and learning about “real” cooking has helped me when I can control and improve my food experience.
      I’ve actually learned more about cooking theories from anime like Sweetness and Lightning (recommended) or Food Wars (dumb but can be informative) than from Julia Child (sorry Julia).

      • Autumn Grayson says:

        I don’t know about Sarah’s experience, but even though I love food and eating, I don’t care to eat a lot and in fact do see it as an inconvenience at times. It kind of depends on what mood I’m in, but often enough I’ll be kind of zoned in on a task and then remember that it’s time to eat and pretty much feel too lazy to actually want to eat, even though I can cook ok. So it’s probably just a matter of how different people are. If I’m trying to work my way through a lot of food or am eating a lot of the same thing in one sitting, I start to feel a little grossed out or like eating is a chore at that moment.

    • LadyArin says:

      I doubt it’s based on the quality of the food i’ve eaten. My mom might not have been the most varied or skilled home cook, but she certainly wasn’t terrible, and i’m pretty sure some of the people whose food i’ve eaten on semi-regular occasions qualified as actual professional food experts.
      The main thing is, what benefits eating has are grossly outweighed by the detriments. The time and money required just to prepare it, plus the clean-up, all for something that *might* taste good, or might taste like old socks, or might make you spend the next two hours in the bathroom (not that i’ve eaten a lot of food that did either of those latter two things, but the risk is always there). For some people, eating is either worth it, or the preparation is enjoyable in itself. Me, i’ve always hated cooking and washing dishes, so that didn’t help.
      Insofar as the reasoning behind it, i’d chalk it up to the differences between Sensing and Intuitive types (from the Myers-Briggs personality type perspective).

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