1. Tamra Wilson says:

    Well, that’s positive! I’ve been seeing so much negativity about this game (I don’t play it myself, never been a Poke-fan) but this is a grand idea. And churches are generally safe areas, since I’ve heard about so many injuries, this is also good.

  2. Autumn Grayson says:

    I thought it was sorta funny and cool when I heard that churches were important places for this game(though I guess that also means worship places for other religions are also important places for the game?).  

    Ironically, so many people complain about this game or think it’s weird.  There are potential issues, but seriously, people complained for so long about video games causing kids to sit around and get fat, and now people are complaining about a game that isn’t bad and that encourages people to walk?  Meh, my boyfriend is into this game, and my mom kinda frowns on the idea that he doesn’t exercise much.  But then she hears about this game and thinks it’s weird and doesn’t seem to really take notice of and appreciate that fact that he’s been doing way more walking since he started playing this game…

    • notleia says:

      The Olds just need to learn to stop flipping out about weird but harmless stuff the Youngs do. But easier said than done, like always.

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