1. it’s hard to get around ! Cor 2:15: But he who is spiritual judges all things. Yet he himself is not judged by anyone.

    I know some translations use appraises or discerns, but the meaning is pretty clear. It’s what we are expected to do. We’re not to condemn, but judge/discern/appraise? Definitely.

    • Great point, David. Thanks for adding that verse to the discussion. I also thought this morning about the appraisal of the church in Berea, commended for searching the scriptures to see if what they’d been told was true (see Acts 17:11). So it seems to me, examining, appraising, discerning, is to be our job on a regular basis as long as it is the standard of the Bible that we are using, not some many-invented PC norm.


  2. Terry Palmer says:

    There are many who would want this movie to do well for a less than ‘Christian’ motivation. Those whose world of darkness seeks to only kill, maim, and destroy. That is the outcome that I predict for this movie, that it will do very well financially, but do poor as a ‘Christian’, movie. Any other conclusion might be like saying that Fifty Shades was Christian because that was the name of the lead character.
    For Biblical Christians, this is another alarm bell, ringing out in a question of warning. How long will God hold back His hand?
    Would we not be better suited to spending our time writing very well written adventures in which sure, life is tough, but faith in Christ is tougher. Real movies where the characters have to stand up for Christ or get blown away by darkness. In these scenes, there is no compromise, no grey area of retreat. No indeed, rather than watch a movie as this is, could we as writers come up with better and better scripts which lay out in clear terms the choice between not just good and evil, or darkness and light, but to – come home. Ye who are weary – come home…
    Author Terry Palmer

    • I love the challenge, Terry, and I agree. We can and should do better. Not just at the story level but at the truth level. And you could be right that this will do well financially. It has great name recognition and obviously a marketing budget and name entertainment people associated with it. Unless God holds back the success for His purposes, it certainly looks like it should, from a human point of view, be a good box office draw.


  3. Raelene Purtill says:

    Christian or not, I just hope the Lord uses it to work in someone’s life. I read it when it first came out and it didn’t sit well with me but it was a dear fellow believer who recommended it to me.

    • That’s the thing, Raelene. I know a number of Christians who thought the book was helpful because they grasped God’s forgiveness in a new way. I wrote a series of ten posts, well, more, eventually, about the book over at my own site. Interestingly in one of my follow-up articles I said,

      So … can a book, or a way of thinking, that helps people see God in a new way be bad? I mean, shouldn’t we want to know God in a fresh, exciting way?

      Our thoughts about God can be new every morning, but I don’t believe we need to borrow from the world’s way of looking at Him to experience Him afresh. Just the opposite. Listening to the lies of the world will kill off true faith.

      If you or anyone else is interested in those posts, you can find them here: https://rebeccaluellamiller.wordpress.com/category/reading/the-shack-reading/


  4. HG Ferguson says:

    Your analysis, as usual, is right, and God bless you for it. For me, when this abomination has “god-jesus” — not the true God, not the real God, not the God who said He desires all men everywhere to repent (Acts 17:30) and that it is His desire that all should believe in His Son Jesus (John 6:40) — declare instead that it does not desire people to become Christians — your question is answered. Let them be cursed by the God they deny (I Cor. 1:8-10). And if anybody out there says I’m being “judgmental,” weigh The Shack in the light of the Word, as we are commanded to do (I John 4:1), for God says these things, not me. Heed His Word, not The Shack.

    • And to those who point that others have drawn closer to God because of The Shack, I want to reiterate that God can use whatever means He chooses to draw people to Himself. The means are not to be praised or even to be regarded as sacred, Instead, God is to be glorified as the Almighty who can use any means He chooses.

      Why should we honor The Shack and proclaim its “truth” in light of its various departures from Scripture? Rather, God is to be more highly praised because He uses flawed and faulty ideas to bring people to the Truth of His love and forgiveness.

      My prayer is that people actually are seeing God and not some version of their own “goodness.” As I recall, one point of emphasis in The Shack was how God loves us, so that shows how truly awesome and wonderful we are. Well, that thinking is backwards! Yes, God loves us, and it shows how awesome and wonderful He is because He loves sinners like me!!


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