1. HG Ferguson says:

    No discussion of THE OMEN is complete without mentioning Jerry Goldsmith’s groundbreaking and frankly terrifying anti-Gregorian Chant score motif for the original films, especially the second one. (Forget the third, it’s total Hollywood cow flop). No one ever forgets that choir swelling up at the worst possible moments. Goldsmith won his only Academy Award for that first film. I have not seen the A&E series, but already we have some serious continuity issues. The questions you raise are all answered in the second film. It’s impossible if this is the same Damien for him to have no memory of that. The final scene of the second film is one of the most chilling things I’ve ever seen. So with typical Hollywood abandon they cast it to the wind.

    I appreciate you blogging on this series. This website does not often dare to stick a single toe into horror, much less dive headlong into it. Thank you!

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