1. Travis Perry says:

    Rick, excellent article overall. I’m not sure I agree that God in Genesis is not setting a precedent that a man’s loneliness is resolved by being with a woman. Sure, that is not the only meaning of the passage and perhaps not the primary one. But I think the idea has lasting significance. And that’s the complete listing of things you said I disagree with.

    I especially appreciating you pointing out the literal manner in which men and women become one flesh in the creation of children. That’s a concept I never fully considered until I heard it from you. Thanks.

    • R. L. Copple says:

      Thanks, Travis. I do think loneliness is something a good marriage resolves and which the creation of Eve supplies for Adam. Certainly God would not think it good that Adam be lonely.


      My point there is that the loneliness of Adam was not the primary reason for Eve’s creation and thus the basis of marriage as Mr. Vine posits. Nor is marriage the only way to address one’s loneliness.


      Thanks for the comment.


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