1. Interesting explanation of the book of Revelation, Brian. You’ve given me food for thought about a book I’m currently working on and which, I must admit, I’ve been holding back on the horror aspect of it. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Lynne, I can’t speak for Brian, but I think the most important thing is to do what you are comfortable with. Scripture is clear, but when we write fiction, what should we include? Nobody can tell us. Sure we can think about our audience and perhaps what an agent or editor might want, but in the end, it really is up to us to include what we are OK saying.

      I thought through this when I started writing my fantasy–much smaller scare, of course. My protag is in a profession not known for it’s clean speech. My guy is not a Christian starting out. Should I have him speak the way others might? I didn’t want that. So I found a way around it and I’ve never regretted it. Other people might handle it differently, but I had to feel OK with what I was writing.

      I think that’s true for all of us.


    • Brian Godawa says:

      Lynne, sorry, I did not see this early on. But, yeah, it’s amazing how we can see something we didn’t see with just a slight turn of perspective. I wrote an infamous article on the Biblical power of horror. I hope this can help: https://www.academia.edu/3794183/An_Apologetic_of_Horror

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