1. Oh Gosh, I hated that movie. The only part I really enjoyed *SPOILER* is when Tom held off the invisible whatever thingies long enough to shoot the psycho before he killed himself. Being a romance lover, I like that he died to protect her.

  2. Travis Perry says:

    I think what your review leaves out is it was obvious to be the Bird Box tried to capture the feeling of A Quiet Place, and did so by doubling down on the concept–even MORE restrictive restraints on family life, making even LESS sense.

    I felt parts were well-acted but as a story idea, the concept just didn’t work (but then again, I think lots of modern movies have story ideas that make little sense).

    • Mark Carver says:

      That how I felt too. Some parts were very intense, but that’s like finding a good chunk of meat in an otherwise rancid stew. I havent seen A Quiet Place but across the board, everyone agrees that it’s superior.

  3. Haven’t seen this movie, but when I saw tidbits of the previews on Netflix I was kind of like ‘ok, interesting concept, but I’m not buying the idea of three people making such a long, dangerous journey blindfolded.’

    That in and of itself wouldn’t necessarily be a reason for me to avoid it, it just doesn’t seem like a movie I feel super compelled to watch.

    The movie sounds like it could partly be discussing human instinct. I thought about what it would be like in that scenario, and I would feel pretty tempted to take the blindfold off, because how is someone supposed to defend themselves or run away if they can’t see? A lot of the appeal of the movie sounds like a challenge ‘can these people resist the temptation? Can they make an entire journey like that?’

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