1. Good article. For me the basic question is: “What do you want me to write, Lord?” I’ve settled the questions about His call for me to write. I’m convinced He does. So, the question becomes, What do I write today? Which book do I publish next? Fiction or non-fiction?

    I’m constantly reaffirming my call. He and I had another round this week, and He graciously confirmed a major portion of my writing/publishing ministry. It’s a constant, on-going thing.

    I couldn’t write without His anointing. To reword, the stuff I write without it may be entertaining to me, but it has no lasting merit. I does not change the lives of my readers. That’s my goal.

    The past couple of months, the Lord has had me rewrite, re-edit, and republish my epic technothriller of 666 pages into a trilogy called Tales of Mighty Men. It builds on my 25 years in New Mexico. Book 1, Invasion is out for free. Book 2 will be released onCinco de Mayo. And book 3 will be released on July 4.

    Now the question is: “what next, Lord?”

  2. This was encouraging – thank you! 🙂 I’ve had a fictional universe burning a hole in my heart for over 10 years now…it’s always exciting to hear I’m not alone in having a long-lived, desperate-to-be-told idea. 🙂

  3. Marion Hill says:

    Bethany and David, I’m glad my article was an inspiration to you both. I actually wrote this for another writer was struggling and decided to share my writing journey.

  4. Paul Lee says:

    Answering the why — because someone wanted me to, because people believed me to be a good writer, because I pitied the multiple people in my life who had stories to tell but never even really tried to get them out.

    Better — because I believe that in the beginning was the Word, because I feel a partnership with the most universal sense of meaning that is how I personally understand God when I create meaning and help others create meaning. Because I understand that I’m not in the rare position of reaching the broad culture with the power of creative myth (even though I believe in that power and love it), but I am in the position of reaching out to my neighbors — both my Christian neighbors and my non-Christian neighbors in basically the same way — by really learning how to tell their stories and how to enable them to tell their own stories.

  5. Laura A says:

    Marion, thanks for the encouragement as I am also seeking the “why” of my writing as well as the direction that I want my stories to take. My stories have not been on my heart as long as yours, only about 20-30 years vs. and I am much further behind in the writing, as in only a few chapters in with several stories of my heart. BUT I truly believe the “why” is essential in my writing as it will be the thing that gets me going each day. BTW we met a few times when a small group was trying to get started in SA in north end. Our group was too far away as not as organized. We all have our journey to take with the Lord leading anything is possible.

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