1. Kevin Lucia says:

    Ow. I think my brain just melted.

  2. Jason Joyner says:

    Grammar check committing suicide? Good grief, I needed that laugh today. Reminds me of when I got roped into helping a fanfiction site….

  3. Matt says:

    Dude, why did you do this??? There is NO ONE who could write that way on purpose.  That’s why there is such a cult following of this series.  It is way more enjoyable this way than if it was edited.

  4. D.M.Courtney says:

    Hello, I apologize for the first addition of Moon People. When I was publishing it, I had a problem with a virus.  My computer tech .   accidentally sent the wrong Copy to edit. I immediately had a second edition made. I challenge everyone to get a copy of Moon People in its second edition. Moon People first edition was my first Book  published. I hope you can forgive me and try my second edition. Most guy’s like Moon People 2 and most women like Moon People 3. ( Amazon Gave Moon People 3 (5 Stars) Moon People 1 is just the starter book in the Moon People Trilogy Series. It’s still pretty good though. Thank you for your time and God Bless all of you.
    Sci-Fi Books Moon People Trilogy

  5. Tamra Wilson says:

    “My gosh, what is that thing?” comes to mind. I wrote better than this when I was 12! Heck, I’ve read better Fan-Fiction than this!

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