1. Yesterday I had another pair of thoughts about the potential differences between both superhero cinematic universes …

    Marvel is to Star Wars what DC could be to Star Trek.

    E.g., Star Wars is set in a “lived in” universe of science fantasy, while Star Trek is set in a future universe that tries to explain things a little more and go a little deeper. Both are enjoyable story-worlds, yet with very different rules and emphases.

    Or if you like, Marvel is to Windows what DC could be to Macs.

    (No, I’m not a Mac Snob. Even if my laptop refuses to download Windows 10.)

    • Heh. If in your analogies Marvel represents fun-filled escapism as opposed to let’s-get-our-hands-dirty deconstruction, then Mac is probably its better match. People who use Macs — like me — don’t want to know what’s under the hood; we just want the dang thing to *work*.

      With regard to Wars vs Trek, I suppose I can see that parallel, at least when it comes to tone. But keep in mind that the Star Wars universe, despite its EU, contains no cartoon endings. Qui-Gon, Maul, Dooku, Windu, Obi-Wan, Palpatine, and Vader all end up paying the ultimate price for their beliefs, whether to our cheers or groans of grief. While Star Wars may shoot from the hip with a cocky grin, its bullets don’t conveniently veer wide.

    • Qui-Gon, Maul, Dooku, Windu

      Eh, these names are strange to my ears.

      Perhaps they are part of the “extended universe” of novels that I keep hearing about.

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