1. Kessie says:

    Interesting questions and thoughts. Let’s see if I can articulate any thoughts here this early in the morning. 🙂
    I don’t think God is condoning multiple wives, necromancy, or being a prophet for hire. Just because they’re in the Bible doesn’t mean they’re recommended. You quoted Paul saying that the OT was penned for our instruction, and he’s right. God gave us the stories of man blowing it over and over to teach us about himself.
    Sure, Jacob had two wives. Did that make his life happy? No, it was strife and jealousy all the way until he died and into his kids’ lives.
    Does Balaam strike us as a good man? No, his donkey had to berate him because God had sent an angel to kill him. When your donkey yells at you, and you yell back, doesn’t that put you on it’s level? (Hee.)
    Contrasted to that, we have the major and minor prophets, and God’s constant punishing Israel. Wooing Israel. Courting Israel. Defending Israel. He doesn’t whitewash anybody’s sin. Because He doesn’t whitewash the cost of redemption. Why did Jesus have to die, anyway? Couldn’t he just suffer a little while? No, because sin is so utterly horrible and hopeless and vile that it required the death of God Himself in order for him to forgive us.
    Thanks for the article, it really made me ponder. 🙂

  2. Galadriel says:

    A good question to chew on.  I especially like your point about judging someone’s worldview from their writing. One of my essay musings makes a similar point regarding characters–if you try to judge someone by the characters they read about, you’ll get very confused. I like reading about the House of Feanor and Gollum and Time Lords–doesn’t mean I approve of them, though.

  3. SoniCido says:

    Kaci! excellent!!! More believers need to ask these questions…and maybe even have some answers.

    Unbelievers ask them. Why can’t we? 

    Unbelievers will believe in Harry Potter over Jesus because they can get their answers from the books, or people they know. Evolutionists will ask their science teacher and get an answer.

    And what we as believers need to understand, an unbeliever will accept a lie sooner than the truth; i.e. the Truth.

    I think it took some courage for you to write and post this! Christians do not want to be challenged with questions like what you asked…. that is why we have, what? 350,000 SECTS?

    My favorite thing to do when faced with a question that the Word doe not make clear, is, send the asking party to the Word. “I don’t know! good question. Go get the answer and come tell me. I’d love to know!”.

    The only way I was able to bring myself to be able to do that, was to realize that we DO NOT have all the answers for everyone around us. But we do have all the answers for ourselves. And “I don’t get it, at least not now…” is one of the best!

    Great writing. Very clear and easy to read.


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