1. Good article. Thanks. 

  2. Great article, Kaci. Very much what I keep thinking about as I send a couple of my near and dear ones through Hell. I know what awaits them at the end, and I know they will all look back and think, “yes, it was necessary, and yes, I’m better for it all.”

    But I can send them through Hell because I’ve been through Hell myself, and I’ve looked back, and I’ve said, “Okay, God. I get it now. And I’m better/stronger/wiser for it, even though it was Hell at the time.”

  3. Galadriel says:

    I love your posts, even when it’s not Doctor Who. I totally agree with what you said–my characters are some of my best teachers; nothing against ‘real’ people, but God uses my own characters to show me so much.
    Once, God used one of my characters to show me that I need to consider people’s past when I judge them, and then one of my wiser characters came up with this gem “He knows I am stronger than he is, so he tries to hurt me by hurting my children.”

  4. SeanR says:

    Beautiful and poignant! And you used one of my favorite verses at the end. I now have some motivation for having my protagonist lose his arm during a temptation: he’ll find his true strength afterward. Thank you.

  5. James Tucker says:

    Ms. Kaci Hill:
    Not to be insulting but I have copywrighted “God’s Inferno” clear back to 2005. I  wrote a book which has been published with that title and it’s ISBN is 13: 978-0-595-67280-6. Also have ISBN’s for Ebooks and paperbacks.
    Since that time this title has been reissued under the title of God’s Creation, however, I still maintain the copywright and rights to God’s Inferno.
    Please cease and desist from using the title/titles “God’s Inferno.” We will all be much happyier if you do so.
    While you are pursueing the subject of GOD you may want to peruse my reissue, as I said, of God’s Inferno.” That being “God’s Creation.’ I know you will be very seriously disturbed but what you will learn.

    • Fascinating.

      James, with all due respect, you need to do even some surface-level checking about actual copyright law. No one can claim exclusive copyright ownership to two common words joined together, even as a book title, then forbid anyone else from ever saying those words in the contents of any other book or any title of a blog post.

      How do I copyright a name, title, slogan or logo?
      Copyright does not protect names, titles, slogans, or short phrases.

      U.S. Copyright Office, What Does Copyright Protect?

      Only if anyone else had written or published an actual book with the same title, and if the title “God’s Inferno” was your registered trademark, could you begin to have an issue. Otherwise, I doubt you will sell many of your books, or the books’ intriguing content, with this kind of an interaction. 🙂

      This response has been a public service, and is brought to you by the Speculative Faith de facto editorial team, and the letters I, T, and S.

    • James, someone sold you a bill of goods. You cannot copyright (or copywright) a title! There are multiple books with the same title. Case in point — Stephen Lawhead’s latest novel The Bone House which shares its title with a book by Brian Freeman.

      In addition, James, using an erroneous cease and desist comment full of spelling errors is not the best way to sell people on reading your work. This was bad form all the way around.



  6. Jeremy McNabb says:

    This response has been a public service, and is brought to you by the Speculative Faith de facto editorial team, and the letters IT, and S.

    Meanwhile, the previous post was brought to you by a whole wagon load of superfluous Ws. 

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