1. I don’t really care about sports, so… :p

    At the heart of this, though, people seem to be bothered by the hypocrisy of this issue: ‘What do you mean I can’t decorate my room with anime stuff and talk about my favorite shows incessantly? You do that with your sports stuff all the time and I don’t bother you about it!’

    I tend to agree. I’m avoidant of conversations surrounding sports, and won’t sit down to watch a football game, but I’m glad that other people have a relatively harmless thing that makes them happy. I hope others will extend the same courtesy toward my beliefs and interests.

    Still, there are time, place and manner aspects of this. If someone has friends that don’t like sports, for instance, it’s pretty rude to only discuss sports with them. I know that when I first started college I made sure not to go on and on about anime and other story stuff too much because I knew a lot of people would find that annoying. I tend to be on the calm and reserved side, actually, so some people were actually surprised to hear I liked anime. Mainly since, to them, I probably seem too serious and withdrawn to fit their stereotype of crazy otaku.

    There are times to get excited about our interests, especially when around like minded people, but it’s also not bad to practice a sense of…dignity, when it comes to this stuff. There are lots of times when people need to shut things off and be serious. There’s nothing wrong with our little obsessions, but it’s important to show that we can turn them off, control them, and have a multitude of interests outside those obsessions.

What do you think?