1. These accidents happen a lot for me. Sometimes I’ve greatly mispronounced names I’ve read, only to find out later that the names were actually said way differently than I thought. But I liked the way I mispronounced the name, so that mispronounciation would be come the name for one of my characters instead.

    A lot of ideas also come while listening to music or watching amvs. This amv has given me one or two ideas recently, for instance:

    • Travis Perry says:

      “A playground for sinners to play as saints”? Well that’s different… 🙂

      As a little kid, I was asked in a Sunday School class, “Who is Jesus?” What I answered was, “He’s the guy who killed the dragon who killed Cinderella.”

      That answer I barely remember giving, but it was the sort of thing adults repeated back to me (I did a number of highly unusual things as a kid that people talked about for years). It sounds like I was being super-creative.

      But I think my creativity stemmed in part from getting Cinderella mixed up with Sleeping Beauty and thinking Sleeping Beauty was actually dead…which means, yes, I thought Jesus was Prince Phillip… 🙂

      • Lol. I’ve said/thought a lot of strange things as a kid, too. Stuff like that probably makes complete sense to us based on the limited info/experience we have at that point in our lives.

        That line in the song actually kinda sounds deep to me, though. It speaks to the human condition in a way. We are all actually sinners, yet we still try to be good and in many cases even think we’re better than we actually are.

        So we’re sinners living in a fallen world, trying and pretending to be blameless or at least right. And in the middle of all that we leave a lot of conflict and destruction in our wake.

        • Travis Perry says:

          Perhaps my thinking on the song was simply too literal–I imagined a specific place (though not specifically a playground) where people would go where they could pretend to be perfect. Which I found a funny thought.

          Well, I suppose churches are like that sometimes.

          But in fact, pretty much everybody pretends to be better than they are pretty much any place they go–people mostly (MOSTLY) neither want nor need a specific “playground” where they play as saints…

          • Eh, yeah. I think the ‘Playground’ was supposed to either refer to the world, society, or to a neighborhood torn by crime and conflict. Part of the reason I say that is the line that goes something like ‘Heaven if you sent us down, so we can build a playground.’ Heaven sent us out into the world, and maybe ‘playground’ could represent the society we built.

            From what I’ve listened to in the lyrics, I think the song itself is discussing crime torn neighborhoods and all the struggles that come with them, but I haven’t done research into the song or singer, so I’m not for sure. The lyrics can be thought of in different ways, though, like the ones we discussed, which is the awesome part about music. Especially when we use them to inspire our writing.

            • Travis Perry says:

              What do you write, Autumn? Are you on Amazon somewhere?

              • I primarily write fantasy, along with some scifi. A lot of it is Christian fiction in some way, though not all of it is overt. Most of the stories address the ups and downs of life in all their complexity, so they can get a bit dark at times. My primary audience is teens and adults, though some projects will be aimed more at children.

                I haven’t published anything yet, though, since unfortunately my schedule leaves me with little time to actually finish something. I will publish on Amazon once I do complete something, though. In the meantime I try to blog about stuff, and will announce any publications I make on that blog, so subscribing/keeping up with the blog is the best way to know when I finish something:


              • Travis Perry says:

                I publish short stories and on occasion novels. Have you written any short stories?

              • I’ve kind of written and drafted out a few, but haven’t put them up online yet. The trouble with those is that they often end up being stories that are told by characters in my larger projects, which affects when I would actually want to publish those short works. I do have ideas for a few that will probably be ok to publish soonish, though, so I may start working on those in the coming months.

                I also write fanfiction, though since I don’t spend as much time on them as I would one of my original works, the fanfictions I publish are more like polished rough drafts than examples of what my original stories will be like once published.

                This is the main story I have on my fanfiction.net account. I’m not really proud of the prologue, but the first chapter sounds ok at least. It may be a little confusing if you haven’t seen Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, though:


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