1. R. L. Copple says:

    Time travel is always an intriguing idea. Seems do overs would be too tempting if it were possible.

    Ironically, though I’ve written few time travel stories, I just wrote one that plays on the points you mention here and posted it on my blog as free fiction last night. Apparently we were picking up the same vibes. lol.

    In the end, I’m glad God doesn’t allow going back in time. The world is chaotic enough without people constantly appearing to “fix” things. We wouldn’t know up from down if reality kept changing constantly.

  2. I love time travel stories! Back to the Future is the win.

    There’s a video on Youtube about the ten dimensional universe explained. If we could time travel and change time, what you would actually change would be an alternate universe. And you’d jump to that alternate universe and leave your own untouched. No telling how you’d have to get back to your universe. I believe the anime Stein;s Gate deals with time travel and alternate universes.

    In my universe the characters have the power to travel through time, but the further you go, the more power it takes and the more draining it is. Mostly people use it to check out peoples’ timelines and the future probabilities. Which is damaging enough, in a Minority Report sort of way.

    I don’t think we’ll ever unlock the true secret of time travel, but quantum science being what it is, who knows? In Frequency he gets to send messages back in time and change the past, and inadvertently sends a serial killer on the rampage. There’s always repercussions.

  3. Henrietta Frankensee says:

    Do overs are about succeeding. But God understands and has reacted to the fact that WE CANNOT SUCCEED. Success is not God’s intention for us. Forgiveness, restoration and living TOWARD resurrection are.
    One day I am going to write a novel around the following concept of time. If you write one first please let me know how it goes!
    Time: I am a fluid spread on a slice of NOW. I ooze my way from one slice to the next, they are stacked like dominoes. I am sticky. I leave traces behind me and diminish in size (volume) but I also pick up residue from what I meet on each NOW. Other people’s souls are also oozing across and when our NOWs coincide we mingle and leave with some of each other. Souls are the connections between NOWs. Souls of people, of places, of animals and objects. NOWs happen when there is no earthly being because there is an Ultimate Soul, a triune personality that experiences all NOWs simultaneously. There is an enemy that tries to destroy all connectivity. The Ultimate Soul sacrificed Himself to draw all disconnectivity to an end – accepted the ultimate disconnectivity in order to restore me to His NOW. One NOW follows another until I reach a transition. My connectivity increases so much that I don’t ooze anymore across the NOWs.

  4. dmdutcher says:

    A great time travel story is Robert Young’s The Dandelion Girl. It’s a shame it’s not well known. It has a great twist, and it’s a big subversion of the do-over idea. Also a crowning moment of heartwarming, too.

  5. Henrietta Frankensee says:

    Thank you, dmdutcher! I am blessed to read this story.

  6. Galadriel says:

    No time travel discussion would be complete without this quote:
    “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually — from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint — it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly… timey-wimey… stuff.”
    –Tenth Doctor

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