1. Travis Perry says:

    Aw! Your granny sounds great. Nice article!

  2. Moses says:

    Love reading your works

  3. An absolutely gorgeous tribute, chock full of what we need most right about now–God’s amazing love splattered on everything and everyone we touch. Keep soaring with your own brand of stories for God’s glory and make your Granny proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ebroshan says:

    Lovely…makes me miss my Grandmother.

  5. Thank you. I’m going to enjoy her while I can!

  6. Beautiful tribute to Mama, Parker. God bless you for that. I still wish she hadn’t made you and your sisters love horror movies. Yuck. We are survivors because she is a survivor. Love you mom.

  7. jdavidmartin68 says:

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Karen S says:

    Loved reading your wonderful tribute to a woman of great imagination and courage. She’s quite a character. And she gave the term bookkeeper an entirely different spin!

  9. amandapizzolatto says:

    This was so beautiful!! Happy early birthday to your Grandma!! And many thanks for introducing you to reading and writing, without which we wouldn’t have your beautiful style!!

  10. Your Grandma sounds really cool 🙂 Interesting to hear a bit of your family’s take on horror as well. I was raised to have a rather negative perception of it when I was young, but over time I’ve seen instances where the genre can be good, and even have some definite upsides. At the very least it could help teach people to face and understand things with courage, even against odds that are unbelievably terrifying or look undefeatable. Horror isn’t the only way to do that of course, but it does seem to help at least some people in that way. And I could see how horror is more likely to have that positive effect when someone like your Grandma is nearby being a good example of courage.

  11. Love your tribute to your Granny, Parker! You are so blessed to still have her with you. I miss my own Grandma every day. But what wonderful memories! I love it that she instilled a love for monsters in you so young! My mother hates anything paranormal/monster-ish/scary. It’s hard to help her understand the reasons behind my own fascination with them. Gran wouldn’t have “gotten” it either, but she would have supported me as yours does. Give her an extra hug — from one who misses her Gran and can’t wait to see her again.

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