1. Fred Warren says:

    Welcome, Yvonne. It’s always great to have a fresh voice join our conversation here.

  2. Literaturelady says:

    Congratulations on being a contributor!  I look forward to reading your articles!
    And your conference story is very encouraging–it reminds me of the overwhelming concern and love that the Christians at my church have for me and for each other. 🙂

  3. Kessie says:

    Welcome to the blog, Yvonne! I look forward to reading your columns. We’ll discuss things and possibly argue, but iron sharpens iron, right? 🙂

  4. Ane Mulligan says:

    I love your writing journey, but even more, I love how you greatly affected my writing journey!! Hugs!

  5. Linda Yezak says:

    God is so amazing, isn’t he? You had no way of knowing he planned a healing for you at a writers conference. He knows what you need, even before you ask. 

    Thank you for sharing! 

  6. So glad to have you on board here at Spec Faith, Yvonne. Welcome!


  7. And another welcome from my station, Yvonne.

    It’s great having you on the bridge of this, the Starship SpecFaith. 

  8. Kerry says:

    Good intial foray, Yvonne.  Thanks for sharing.

    (Be careful, or the next thing you know, Stephen will have you arguing with your best friend on here. 🙂 )

  9. R. J. Larson says:

    Way-to-go, Yvonne! Congratulations, and we’re looking forward to future posts!

  10. Thank you, all, for your warm welcome! I love you all and I love being here, and I look forward to some good give and take. (I can give it if you can take it, ha ha!)

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