1. Ellen says:

    Love the Princess Bride reference!
    Just promise me there are no shadows in the Library 😀

  2. Ralene says:

    Great post…and oh so true!

  3. Fred Warren says:

    We need our own mascot. Like Psalty…with antennae.

  4. Bethany J. says:


  5. Fantastic! Will the Library include books by Christian authors outside the CBA market as well? Or will it only be for CBA titles?

  6. R.J.: Thus far books in the library database include CBA titles, for sure, but also plenty of non-CBA titles and even POD works that demonstrably fit in the speculative and faith categories. Especially while we’re still adding to the system, if you have any certain author or title in mind you think should be included, and don’t see yet, try the Suggestion Box!

  7. Well, R. J.’s books belong here, for sure. I was going to say, we may want people to hold off suggesting though for a little while since we are so far from getting all the titles entered that we have.

    I’m excited about this, though. I think it’s going to be a great tool.


  8. Jenni N says:

    This is going to be much fun – I will be using it to find more spec books, definitely!

    I see you tagged some books by age level.. are you going to do published age level or actual age level? (I’ve a lot of ‘teen’ fantasy books which really aren’t that brilliant age-wise…more like 10-14 rather than 14-18.)  

    I absolutely totally forgot what the old, old Imagination Station looked like until today. Wowee, it’s like the TARDIS except red and not larger on the inside! And I grinned when I saw ‘no silence in the library’… XD  And Kaci, you’re hilarious. XD

    • Kaci Hill says:

      If I have my say we’ll have more a “suggested appropriateness” level more than anything else. I’ve seen YA I wouldn’t give to a kid.
      I watched that two parter the other night. It’s still creepy. I love it. I also appreciate some of the more tragic moments more.

    • Galadriel says:

      I love all of the above, from Milton to VeggieTales. And as for Odyssey, I love that too…in fact, I have a Doctor Who/Adventures in Odyssey fanfic in progress.
      Yes, Doctor Who and Adventures in Odyssey…Whit, Connie and Eugene as Time Lords.
      Link here, if anyone thinks my insanity might have semi-decent results

  9. I have a Doctor Who/Adventures in Odyssey fanfic in progress

    Win. Want to see. …

    My wife, just now, very subtly implied that Mr. Whittaker is a Time Lord.

    Obviously, then, the Imagination Station is a modified TARDIS. Sure you don’t actually go anywhere and all the adventures take place in your own imagination …

    But shouldn’t Connie and Eugene be his companions, then? (Reading …)

    I love all of the above, from Milton to VeggieTales.

    Quite a range! And I enjoy speculative stuff from Lord of the Rings to Justice League animated episodes. ‘Tis fascinating how broad “the” “speculative” “genres” can be.

  10. My first suggestion for the box….um can you wave your magic wand and make it visible? Or it something I’m doing wrong? When I click on the links I get 404 page errors.

    • Link repaired for the Suggestion Box, Sally. Not sure how that one went bad!

      • Did you get my suggestion on the suggestion box page? All the links to the library pages in the blog post need to have the dates removed from the URL for them to work for me. 

        Cool library, though. What a lot of work. Thanks!

      • The suggestion did come through; also, now I have repaired all the links (originally I had thought only one was not working). Occasionally WordPress likes to get smart with the links and thinks it can save a few bytes by replacing the entire site pathname with ../ . That might work if the link was to a page on the blog, but the Library, while in the same system, is a different setup.

        Thanks, Sally.

  11. And why doesn’t comment luv work for me? I have the box clicked.

    Whine, whine, whine. 🙂  

    Ahhh, I just unclicked and then clicked, and voila!

  12. Martin LaBar says:

    There are some authors in the Speculative Faith’s own “Recommended Authors” list that don’t seem to show up yet.

    And shouldn’t authors be listed by last name, too.

    Thanks for doing this!

    (The Suggestion Box didn’t work for me.)

    • Martin: how did the suggestion box not work for you?

      Also, we have several lists including many other Christian speculative titles and authors that we haven’t yet added. We hope to have those up by the start of next month. So if after then you still don’t see a favorite, let us know.

  13. I will most assuredly be checking out this library.

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