1. In my first fantasy, my character starts off sad because his mom passes away and then when his best friend is murdered and he almost gets killed himself, he goes through a character arc about finding what his true self is and how it relates to the overall picture.

    I think we all wonder where do I fit in the story God has written for humanity. We won’t always know and it maybe hundreds of years later before anyone sees the value in our existence so as we develop, we hope to make an impact on our sphere of influence until such a time that impact ripples downward in time.

  2. Thanks for sharing your character’s developmental arc, Parker. Sounds perfect—the external conflict and the internal conflict closely entwined.

    And yes, I agree, we all do wonder were we fit in God’s grand scheme.

    My character’s arc spans the four books in my series. It’s one of the problems of writing one story over multiple editions. I tried to resolve an external conflict, but his change, the deep and lasting one, because there are suggestions of change earlier, doesn’t come until towards the end of book four.


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