1. I’m surprised you liked Ghost Rider. I couldn’t stand it. I like the special effects, of course. How often does Nicolas Cage look cool when his head explodes into a flaming skull, right?

    As far as deals with the Devil, I think you hit it on the head. I was watching an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen (I know, I know, a cooking show) and on the Halloween special, participants had an opportunity to make a deal with the Devil, I mean, Alton. So the one guy did it. He had a cruddy dish so he was able to not get eliminated in the round when the judge selected him. Yet, the deal was this: he couldn’t use any of his money for the rest of the game and ended up losing.

    That’s usually how it plays out in life. Thankfully, the Lord has better things for us! I think about your Apollyon series and how you explored that subtle them when the world on whole made a deal with the Devil and it’s consequences. Can’t wait to read the next one!

  2. HG Ferguson says:

    Great post on an overlooked character. Who can resist the flameskull on the chopper? 🙂 That being said you are right, the Bible does not speak of deals with the devil per se. But he did say to Jesus all the kingdoms of the world are in his hand to bestow, and he bestows them as he wishes. That might explain the popularity of certain people and what they really advocate. The Bible also tells us Satan has a “hand” which is OT parlance for sphere of power and influence. We do not know how far or to what extent that hand can reach, but it is limited by both the will of God and Satan’s status as a created being. I like your conclusion. He will extend that hand of his whenever and however he can against us, to keep our prayers from ascending to the One before whom he makes obeisance. A lesson for us all. Thanks, Mark.

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