1. I read “The Hunger Games” but although I enjoyed the plot, I found I didn’t care enough about Katniss to continue reading her story in “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” (though I’ve enjoyed the movies and plan to see all of them).  I didn’t finish “Divergent”, either…Tris bored me.  I guess these aren’t the kinds of heroines that draw me, personally!  I must be weird.  I think it’s fascinating that dystopian heroines are a trend, though.

  2. I’d like to devote a post about this topic. I was actually thinking that female heroines in fantasy mostly don’t work. But then I read C. J.’s excellent article and thought, Oh, yea. Dystopian fiction! Many of these stories feature young women. Even a couple epic fantasy stories do.

    But I was thinking primarily of Christian fantasy which has a few titles which seemed as if they were an attempt to take fantasy to romance readers. Those didn’t work, I don’t think in large part because they didn’t satisfy fantasy readers—and perhaps fantasy readers never found them. So perhaps if they had female protagonists which were more like those C. J. describes . . . I wonder.


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