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September Update: Speculative Faith and Lorehaven

Our new website is live this week. Here’s what that means for Speculative Faith and Lorehaven.
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Our new website is live as of Monday. This gives you a few more features, now and later:

  1. Speculative Faith and Lorehaven are now both part of the same web network.
  2. For clarity: Speculative Faith, with its own landing page here, is the blog you’re reading now. Since 2006, Speculative Faith’s regular and guest writers have explored Christian speculative fiction, and they’ll continue to do this under that name. Most (but not all) of Speculative Faith’s writers are helping to build SpecFaith’s related project, Lorehaven.
  3. Lorehaven has its own landing page here. This is a forthcoming network of book clubs, led by a quarterly magazine for Christian fans. We’re launching the magazine early next year. We’ll launch the book clubs sooner—in fact, one of them has already begun …
  4. Introducing the first Lorehaven book club, by that name, beginning this very Saturday near Austin, Texas. I’m hosting it. You can learn more information here at Lorehaven.
  5. Our menus are shinier. You should be able to find features more easily.
  6. This also means you can find our forms to share news tips or suggestions, add a novel to the Library, or share a review. For authors, you can share your Christian, published, fantastic-genre novel for possible review in an upcoming Lorehaven
  7. Eventually the Search option will be able to search all sites in the Lorehaven network.
  8. Eventually, you’ll be able to browse all reviews from Speculative Faith, which cover any fantastic story. And you can find reviews specifically from Lorehaven: these will be shorter and will focus exclusively on Christian-made fantastic novels sent for review.
  9. Also in progress: our email subscription options. You can go ahead and sign up for Lorehaven and/or Speculative Faith updates. However, our last system was apparently confused by the and/or option, so people were getting the wrong emails. We’ll need to revamp the email-subscription system so you can read exactly what you want (and change your options, or unsubscribe if you must, without a hassle).
  10. With that, I’ll throw the door open for any questions, challenges, or comments. We look forward to building both Speculative Faith and Lorehaven into complementary publications that will help us explore and find truth in fantastical, speculative stories.
E. Stephen Burnett is coauthor (with Ted Turnau and Jared Moore) of The Pop Culture Parent: Helping Kids Engage Their World for Christ, which will release in spring 2020 from New Growth Press. He also explores biblical truth and fantastic stories as editor in chief of Lorehaven Magazine and writer at Speculative Faith. He has also written for Christianity Today and Christ and Pop Culture. He and his wife, Lacy, live in the Austin area and serve as members of Southern Hills Baptist Church.

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