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10 Presidential Candidates From Fiction

What if beloved characters from fiction could be voted in as president? Who would make the perfect candidate? Who would you vote for?
| Sep 27, 2016 | 25 comments |

Rumor has it there was a debate of some sort last night. Big stage, big names…Trump. Hillary.

Say what you will about the state of our country, the options we have for leaders, the general annoyance with this entire election season. This isn’t meant to be a politically charged post. Instead, let me don my geek hat (yes, it vaguely resembles Gandalf’s) and bring some sanity to this entire situation.

No matter who you ask, somebody’s disappointed about this candidate or that candidate. Exercise your imagination with me, and let your mind ask, “What if?”

fictional-character-vote-memeWhat if there weren’t only two options?

What if beloved characters from fiction could be voted in as president?

Oh, the possibilities. The joy.

Who would make the perfect candidate? Who would you vote for?

1. Aragorn


  • Ranger from the north
  • Royal blood line
  • A doubt in his own abilities (a fresh breeze in the desert landscape of modern politics)
  • Selflessness and loyalty
  • Performs well under immense pressure


  • Confidence issues
  • The desire to protect his elven beauty from the harsh game of politics

2. Steve Rogers

Captain America. The name says it all. If more evidence is needed, he’s loyal. He doesn’t back down from doing what’s right, even if no one else joins him.

He’ll do anything to protect his friends. He’s honorable, gracious, compassionate. He knows how to get the job done, but never in a way that compromises his values.

3. High King Peter


  • Vigor and passion
  • Determination
  • Kind to siblings (says a lot about his character)
  • Faithful to his duty


  • Rather young
  • Not familiar with modern standards of governance

4. Obi Wan Kenobi


  • An authoritative presence
  • Much wisdom and insight
  • Knows how to develop leaders


  • Age
  • Vulnerable to stereotyping

5. Jean Luc Picard


  • Levelheaded and mature
  • Knows how to command
  • Years of experience
  • Ability to remain calm during a crisis


  • Aversion to engaging in conflict
  • Seen as weak in certain circumstances
  • Age

6. Samwise Gamgee


  • Leadership experience as mayor of Hobbiton
  • Humility and fortitude
  • Straightforward, doesn’t bandy about idle words
  • Thoughtful and not prone to speaking before thinking
  • Has shown power can’t corrupt him
  • Down-to-earth and relatable
  • Strong values


  • Shy
  • Dislike of being in the spotlight
  • Doesn’t feel worthy

7. Harry Potter


  • Loyalty to friends
  • Courage to do what’s right, even when it’s hard
  • A wide support base
  • Willingness to die for those he loves


  • Inexperience
  • Tendency to do questionable things for the right reason
  • Can be selfish

8. Superman


  • Imposing and authoritative
  • Kind despite his god-like status
  • Doesn’t abuse his powers


  • Not native to earth
  • Too powerful—if he wished to do harm, none could stop him
  • Seen as a threat

9. Peeta


  • Puts others first
  • Caring and gentle
  • Prefers to work problems out in a peaceful way
  • Will do anything to protect friends and family


  • Could be viewed as a weakling, unfit to lead

10. The Doctor


  • Regeneration—difficult to kill
  • Vast knowledge about most anything imaginable
  • A sonic screwdriver
  • Negotiation powers extraordinaire
  • A space and time traveling police box (because when is that *not* handy?)
  • Two hearts
  • Image from comicbooknow on Twitter

    Image from comicbooknow on Twitter

    A born leader


  • Lots of enemies

Don’t know about you, but those alternatives are appealing. Like being offered the chance to eat salted pork (cue Pippin’s voice) when you thought all you had was a crusty loaf of old bread.

If these characters were running for election this year, who would you vote for? **Edit: click here to vote for your favorite.**

Zachary Totah writes speculative fiction stories. This allows him to roam through his imagination, where he has illegal amounts of fun creating worlds and characters to populate them. When not working on stories or wading through schoolwork, he enjoys playing sports, hanging out with his family and friends, watching movies, and reading. He lives in Colorado and doesn't drink coffee. He loves connecting with other readers and writers. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Goodreads, and at his website.

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Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor

1. Samwise
2. Superman
3. Patrick Bowers (yes he’s not listed but he’s got what it takes to get the job done.)

Audie Thacker

If we’re gonna have a Bower for president, it’s got to be Jack.

Jessi L. Roberts

I’m going to post an extensive list of these right before the election. Kenobi isn’t bad, but I’d probably pick Leia first since she’d likely be the better politician. (Perhaps she could have Kenobi as a running mate.)
Aragorn would worry me a bit since he’d probably have trouble adapting. After all, he’s in his eighties.
Superman would save us a lot of money since he doesn’t need the Secret Service, or any sort of bulletproof glass.

Olivia K. Fisher

YAAASSSS!!!! I’d vote for Aragorn (awesome ranger king *coughs*), but the Doctor would be my second choice (he IS president of the world, after all! *winks*).

Bethany A. Jennings

Cap all the way!!!

Julie D

Finally, some good choices. Though you haven’t mentioned running mates…shall we narrow it down somewhat in primaries? I’ve already stated a preference for a Rogers/Coulson ticket on FB, but of the above?
…not Harry, Peeta, Peter, I’d prefer someone a little bit older, more level-headed, experienced
And as much as I love the Doctor, tying him to earth wouldn’t be a good idea. Policy advisor in any of the above administrations, but not president…
That leaves Aragorn, Rogers, Picard, Kenobi, Gamgee, and Superman.
I’d still take any of the above over the ones we’ve got.
Gamgee would be a bit over his head with the scale of America… I don’t think Superman would be the best option either.
Aragorn, Rogers, Picard, Kenobi.
All have experience in leadership, and all (except maybe Aragorn) have dealt with institutional opposition. Man, this is hard.
But my top choice would be Picard. He’s got diplomatic skills, honed by experience working with multiple cultures, but also realizes that there’s a time for force.

Cathrine Bonham

I intend to vote my conscience and vote Rodgers.

1) American Citizen.
2)Military war hero so we know he will make a good commander in Chief.
3)Old enough to run.
4)Good old fashioned values. “There’s only one God Ma’am and he doesn’t dress like that.”

Tyrean Martinson

I’m going to add Leia in here, and say: Leia with Picard as a running mate, if the two “Star” universes could get along. Second choice of election pairs would be: Captain America with Aragorn (Aragorn has shown decent abilities in the area of foreign policy, which traditionally has been a vice-pres role). Third choice pairing: Peter and Kenobi.

Julie D

Oh, I hadn’t thought of that area. But yeah, if we’re talking foreign policy…Picard or Aragorn have experiance


1. Steve Rogers
2. The Doctor
3. Colson (Come on. If something goes down to a fight, his acceptable civilian casualty number is 0. Gotta love that. )

Julie D

Amen on Coulson. That’s one of the reasons I wouldv’e paired him with Rogers


I know Colson is not on there, but he should be. He is experienced, was a good leader of SHIELD, and I admire his guts and policies. And especially how he gets down and does the work himself, puts his life on the line, and will be in the mess as long as possible to help comfort those who are about to go.

Yaasha Moriah

Samwise. He’s just so solid and steady, and he would find the right people for the right jobs. And I like him BECAUSE he doesn’t think much of himself. Presidency won’t be an ego trip for him.

Cap would be my very, very close second. The guy is very good at adapting to curveball situations (doin’ pretty good in the 21st century for a guy from the mid-1900s). He thinks carefully, yet he isn’t afraid to act.

Rebecca LuElla Miller

Zach, you should put up a poll. Let people campaign for their fav for a week, then have our visitors vote. LOL This is fun!

E. Stephen Burnett

Second the motion!


Why are there NO women? Plenty of good ones to choose from. But if I had to choose from these, I’d go with Aragorn with Kenobi as his running mate.


why are there no women? Plenty of good ones to choose from!

Avily Jerome

Yridessa the Dragon!!!

Or, if I have to pick from this list, Captain America with Sam Gamgee as his running mate. They’d balance each other well, and they’re both honest.