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Introducing Edgy Christian Speculative Fiction From The Crossover Alliance

Debut publisher The Crossover Alliance will offer novels without limits on swear words and other content, if the story ultimately endorses biblical truth and not sin.
| Apr 10, 2015 | 10 comments |

baby birdsThere are a lot of hungry readers out there. Readers who crave stories that sock ’em in the gut, blow their minds, and leave them gasping for breath, but also stand on Biblical truths and point towards redemption. They want books that are hardcore with a message that is hardcore. Books that challenge them to the point of being uncomfortable, books that shine a light into the dark corners of this sinful world and man’s sinful soul.

If you are one of these readers, you are probably starving.

It’s hard to find books that are openly Christian but are also gritty and “real.” There is nothing wrong with the Western romances or gentle young adult fantasies that line the shelves of Christian bookstores, but for hordes of readers, these books aren’t enough. If you’re like me, you want books that make your eyes grow wide as you say, “Whoa…what did I just read?” Books can be an escape from reality, but they can also be a magnifying glass that focuses on the deeper, darker emotions and issues that grip our world. I don’t like the feeling that a book is pandering to its readers; I like to be challenged, pushed to the brink of what I can handle, then pushed just a little bit more.

Christians, and Christian books, should not revel in sin, but that does not mean it should be reduced or diluted. It’s a nasty, ugly world out there sometimes, yet the power of God’s grace can pierce through any darkness. These stories, intense and harrowing, need to be told to glorify God as art and to elucidate His truths.

This is what The Crossover Alliance plans to do. Created a few years ago by speculative fiction author David Alderman, The Crossover Alliance was originally a forum where readers and writers of edgy Christian speculative fiction could congregate. As the murmurings grew to an uproar, David, along with myself and a few other writers and readers, decided that the time was right to give the Christian book world a channel to tell its edgiest, most ferocious stories. There were too many readers lamenting the lack of gritty content in Christian stories, and there were too many writers of edgy Christian speculative fiction that had to either tone down their books or self-publish.

Of course, there are already several Christian publishers that release books leaning towards the edgier side. Yet it still seems like there is a fear of being labeled too dark, too violent, perhaps even blasphemous. At The Crossover Alliance, we believe there is no Biblical standard for how many swear words a story can have, or how descriptive sexual situations can be, or what would be an acceptable body count. We just know that if a story is based on solid Biblical principles and does not glorify the sinful elements it contains, it deserves to be told.

tca logoThe Crossover Alliance plans to open its doors this summer. Please visit TheCrossoverAlliance.com to read our mission statement, submission guidelines, and just to get a feel for who we are and what we want to accomplish. We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund our first year’s catalogue, so please consider support this adventure.

The decision to transform The Crossover Alliance from an online community into a full-fledged publisher wasn’t made lightly. We spent a lot of time deliberating and praying, and we all felt led to go forward with this. And we’re not going to be timid about it, either. We’re going full-throttle with this endeavor, and we already have several authors and titles ready to go when the gates open. There will be some resistance to what we’re doing, but we’re ready for the challenge. We’re not doing this to be rebels or ruffle feathers or throw firecrackers under the pews. We just want to serve the readers and writers who feel marginalized by mainstream Christian publishers. If you feel this way too, you’re not alone, and we hope you’ll join our alliance.

For more information:

Mark Carver writes dark, edgy books that tackle tough spiritual issues. He is currently working on his ninth novel. Besides writing, Mark is passionate about art, tattoos, bluegrass music, and medieval architecture. After spending more than eight years in China, he now lives with his wife and three children in Atlanta, GA. You can find Mark online at MarkCarverBooks.com and at Markcarverbooks on Facebook.

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Greg - AKA Tiribulus

Could the author point me to somewhere where he’s written something on the bible for instance. Or some other actually Christian topic? I have spent maybe 15 minutes clicking around and can’t seem to find anything.

D. M. Dutcher

I wish them the best of luck. I think it’s a good move. David did well in forming a community and he’ll be good in the publisher role. I feel a little bad in not keeping up with the CA, but it’s good to hear its growing stronger with each new incarnation.


I think this a great idea. I, for one, will be looking forward to what Crossover Alliance has to offer. I think the Christian fiction “box” is way to narrow. I mean, seriously, just HOW many stories about the Amish can there possibly be? Is there nothing else to write about?

I’m really encouraged that there are publishers out there who are willing to take on the speculative fiction market, including grittier tales. Gives me hope that my novel may actually get published. Not that it is really violent or dark but there are parts that might be too intense for some. Anyhow good for you and I wish you all the best in this endeavour!


E. Stephen Burnett

As Mark knows, my first response to this news can be summarized like this:

I’d love to see an example (in context, if possible) of a Gritty Novel scene/page/chapter that illustrates the concept of having theoretically no limits on Bad Words, sex descriptions, etc., while not glorifying these but pointing toward biblical truth instead. I believe this is possible to do, especially in fiction that invites you to be a partner in the storytelling. (Whereas on TV you have to get actual people naked and writhing, etc.) But seeing is believing!

David N. Alderman

I just wanted to pop in here and thank all of you for checking out our campaign and our company. Some of you know me, some of you don’t. DM was involved in The Crossover Alliance since Day 1, and he knows how far the Alliance has come since it started as an online community a few years back. I had no idea back then that it would eventually turn into an actual publishing company, but there is a serious need and desire for edgy Christian speculative fiction, and current Christian and secular publishing companies aren’t doing much to bring it to market.

I know some of you are looking for examples of this specific type of fiction, and (like Mark suggested) I would point you to the anthology we put out last year for a great ‘sampler’ of what type of fiction The Crossover Alliance will be publishing. You can find it free on Amazon right now (http://www.amazon.com/Crossover-Alliance-Anthology-1-ebook/dp/B00NTJU3F6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429039033&sr=8-1&keywords=the+crossover+alliance+anthology) but once the company officially launches next month, it will be taken down temporarily and relaunched under the company label.


Just to let you know, your core values and rating pages are hard to find on the mobile version of your website. Maybe consider adding them to your main menu?

That said, I am impressed by the endeavour, and your video and rating system. All the best!



E. Stephen Burnett

Thanks for your feedback, Miriam.

(However, I’m not sure what you mean by videos.)

The mobile version of the site is a temporary placeholder. Before long the site will look like the desktop version and will have all options available.