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Havok: The Rise of a Phoenix

Adventure requires action, and Havok Publishing wants to take you on an adventure.
| Jan 4, 2019 | 1 comment |

Entertainment is changing. Literature is changing.

I received a bestselling YA novel for Christmas. It was written entirely through a series of fictional letters, medical notes, and top-secret government files. LitRPG is bridging the gap between the written word and video games, and it’s exploding in a big way. Heck, people are so hungry for something new that they’re turning to text messages for their fiction!

So when I had the opportunity to take over Havok Magazine, I knew I wanted to take a fresh direction. And I knew I’d need help.

Havok: rebirth

Thankfully, the Christian fiction industry has a wealth of talent combined with a sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment. This is not always the case in the secular market. And so, we called first on Havok’s existing staff to form the new framework. Then we went on the Realm Makers community to fill in the gaps, and Havok Publishing was born.

Months of brainstorming with Cerberus (the nickname Lisa Godfrees, Teddi Deppner, and I call our combined braintrust) brought us more challenges than we could have imagined. (Creating a new model from the ground up tends to have that effect.) But we’ve fought through them, and now we’re ready to show our creation to the world.

Havok Publishing exists as an ongoing competition in true gladiatorial style, providing exceptional, hard-hitting, flash fiction (always 1,000 words or less) with a speculative flavor to the widest audience possible.

As of January 1, we post a new story every weekday on GoHavok.com, allowing readers to vote and comment on their favorites across a variety of daily genres (Mystery Monday, Techno Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Thriller Thursday, and Fantasy Friday) and monthly themes. And the best stories are published bi-annually in a Havok anthology alongside some of today’s biggest and best writers. In fact, our season one anthology (slated for publication in July 2019) will include stories from DiAnn Mills, David Farland, James Scott Bell, Kerry Nietz, and Robert Liparulo!

Discern amongst the Havok

But now that you know how we work and what genres of fiction we publish, you’re probably wondering what style of stories you can expect. As I said before, we aim to reach the widest audience possible. And so, we publish tight, clear, entertaining, and culturally relevant fiction while keeping everything PG-13 or lower. But more important than that, we publish stories that don’t glorify sin.

So what does that look like in practice?

Well, for example, a story may have an alcoholic main character. But the theme and plot will show his brokenness without making it sound “cool.” He may or may not find redemption from his alcoholism in the story. But the story will most certainly show his behavior as a vice, a corruption. And this same principle is applied to every sinful act, whether its nature is sexual, violent, avaricious, prideful, or otherwise.

So as you can see, Havok fosters friendly, respectful competition with a community of talented writers and voracious (but oftentimes time-constrained) readers. Our basic content is free to the masses, and a few bucks gets you a ton of extras as a member of the Havok Horde.

Our stories are always exciting and speak to the human experience. Sometimes they tackle worldly topics. Yet they strive to shine the light of truth, hope, love, and beauty on everyday struggles.

In short, there’s nothing ordinary about Havok. We’re mashing genres and themes together on a daily basis. We roll out these stories for free and allow readers to form their own community. We’re offering cash prizes to writers and readers alike. And we’re doing it all right now.

So be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and most importantly, head to GoHavok.com to join in on the party!

Andrew Winch is the editor in chief for Havok Publishing. When he's not helping others polish their writing, he's creating worlds, weaving plots, and solving mysteries of his own. Check out his weekly adventures at RaisingSupergirl.com, and find great flash fiction at GoHavok.com.

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