1. Nikole Hahn says:

    “A portion, Linne’s strong recommendation was that artists, like people in any other field, need to be committed to a local Gospel-emphasizing church just like anyone else, to be taught and to teach, to be accountable in love to one another and grow in love and holiness.”


  2. Esther says:

    I’m starting to see way too much of the “Artist as Shaman” idea in Christian circles…

  3. Bethany J. says:

    There are many good thoughts here. I especially liked the mention of, “overemphasis on wild-’n-crazy Christianity, as if that’s a higher spiritual plane than ‘regular’ day-to-day, plodding Christianity”. Having a close friend who is often drawn to the “wild-‘n-crazy Christianity” mindset, I long struggled with feeling like I was spiritually “weak” or “dead” in comparison, because I didn’t burn with the desire to do radical things. It took me quite some time to realize that ‘regular’, day-to-day, faithful Christ-following is just as valuable to God!

    • Amen times ten, Bethany! And more specifically on the nonfiction side, you might really appreciate author/pastor Kevin DeYoung’s articles about “plodding,” such as his review of the David Platt book Radical, here. I also reviewed Radical, on my own blog, with all those posts (and other thoughts) accessible here. But it is DeYoung who popularized the term “plodding” to me, and I have especially appreciated his wisdom on this topic. Several quotes and links to his articles are at ‘Plodding visionaries’ are often the true radicals.

      Also, in a brilliant article, Monte E. Wilson refers to Christians who are constantly stuck in “Green Beret” mode (I am susceptible to this!). In that article (which he graciously allowed me to re-print, he noted:

      Green Beret Christians often prefer the quick fix to painful surgery and long-term recovery. They hate the notion of patient plodding. In fact, given their addiction to the intense feelings produced within the renewal movement, they refuse to accept any so-called wisdom that plans in terms of organic, seasonal growth. The only metaphors they find acceptable are military ones. But even with this metaphor, we must remember that not everyone is called to be in the Special Forces.

      You (or your friend!) might find those resources, and truths, very helpful.

      • Bethany J. says:

        Thanks! I believe I have read an article by him before, because I have heard the term “plodding”. I think it was in an article of “Tabletalk”. It may have been by DeYoung, or maybe it was just somebody quoting him, but it made an impression on me.

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