1. Steve Taylor says:

    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Thanks and praise goes out for His grace and mercy otherwise none of us would have made it to double digits. I for one and seriously glad these myths are exactly that, myths.

    • Paul Lee says:

      Yes, I suppose our ancestors always believed in hell in one form or another, and that is what they depicted in their legends, the horror that always stalks us.

  2. Paul Lee says:

    It is refreshing in a way to embrace the horrific aspects of legend, rejecting modernity’s false sense of ease and safety and optimism. That’s basically what many conservative Christians do by talking about hell all the time — embracing the horror, refusing to deny the horror in order to live in a shallow, dying optimism. It’s a dreadful way to live, but it does have an appeal and a strength — that’s why some devout Christians are brimstoners.

    • Steve Taylor says:

      Jesus came to deliver us from sin and Hell. If it’s not preached then the gospel makes no sense. If Jesus saves, then what did he save us from? It certainly isn’t this world because I’m still here dealing with all the junk everyone else has to deal with. Yes He gives joy and peace that the world doesn’t know of but He also saves us from eternal torment. Not one that man made up but one that is real and horrible. Everyone who is not born of the Spirit of God, following Christ, will spend eternity separate from God. We need to live it, walk it, believe it and preach it. All of it.

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