1. Esther says:

    It is important to remember; and I think many, many Christian parents forget this; that we are like grass–here today and withered tomorrow. Someday your children will have to make decisions on their own, and you won’t be there to help them. Where will they turn for guidance? If you have not modeled and trained them to base their decision-making on scripture, but have either protected them by making all their decisions for them or trusted in their sweet little selves (ahem) to make good decisions, you have failed to parent them in a godly way and the results leave them with no anchor, no authority, no guidelines on which to base those decisions–they are adrift.

    The problem is often this: Christian parents are not making their own decisions based on scripture! They are basing them on what they “feel” is right or what someone else tells them the bible says, or on what they see other Christian parents doing. They fail to apply the scriptures to their own decisions. It IS after all hard work, and difficult to put off gratification until a full search of scripture has been made–besides, the pastors have been preaching a topical, feel-good kind of sermon that fails to equip the parents with a solid understanding of the bible and how to use it.
    Anything you want your children to learn to do, you, the parent, must be willing to exemplify in your own life and then set up situations and be willing to enter situations that allow you to train your children in making scripturally based decisions.

    Remember: someday you won’t be there. How will they choose?

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