1. notleia says:

    >>”This egotistical Americentrism is all through his works, and is both logically and biblically questionable.”

    I’m feeling some kind of existential relief building from my childhood of a dad who believes this to some greater or lesser extent, with quite a few boring books about it whose arguments I can’t be bothered to remember. But then, he’s probably a product of his generation, when the Moral Majority stuff was cool.

    • There’s a lot Christians can appreciate about America. But there’s also a lot to compare with God’s coming world, and find wanting. Christians who get too wrapped up in Christian-Americanism often struggle with this balance.

  2. audie says:

    Good thoughts.

    I was listening to Kahn on the radio a few evenings ago, he was on Family
    Talk discussing what he wrote in The Paradigm. Truth is, he said a lot things I could to some degree agree with; for example, regarding the wrongness of abortion and gay marriage. But his attempts to tie all of that in with Ba’al worship as talked about in the Old Testament, and trying to find some kind of national pattern in that comparison, seemed very forced.

    It’s simply sad that the church as a whole in the US appears so hesitant to keep anyone with a big name accountable for their teachings and claims. ”m glad you’re doing that, to some extent.

    If there’s something I would have liked more of in your review of Kahn’s works, it’s that you would have shown some examples of things Kahn wrote that were off, or predictions he made that didn’t pan out. I think that would have given your rebuke and correction more weight.

    • Donna O’Scolaigh Lange says:

      Just heard him today on Family Talk hawking his latest book…poor James Dobson just ate it up! I went to the board of Family Talk online…guess what! The first 2 members are James and Shirley dobson! …Useless to complain…

  3. Alex Mellen says:

    LoriAnn, thank you for being outspoken and informative about this book. I had seen it in some Christian retailers and on websites and wondered if it was the real deal. I understand what you mean about doctrinal concerns about books from Christian publishers, and it’s so important to judge everything and not judge a book based on its source.

  4. Deanne Loper says:

    Loved your article on Cahn’s Harbinger. Agreed there is a lot of fear mongering going on here. The lightheartedness of your words makes this deception easier to deal with. As I have looked into this man’s books, and I’ve read them all, I see a bit more of a dark and dangerous agenda: A Freemason kabbalistic blueprint for a false messiah. Will include a link here for a recent article I wrote connecting the dots. Blessings in Christ. https://www.kabbalahsecretschristiansneedtoknow.com/2020/04/oracles-and-mysteries-spoken-from-zohar.html

  5. Rob Bracken says:

    What prophecy of Cahn failed to pass??

  6. Sam Pilgrim says:

    You didn’t say anything concrete or solid at all. Apart from the percieved ‘Americentrism’ which was, like everything else, just an opinion ….. The comparisons he makes between the Lunar calendar at the Beginning of Days and the Solar calendar at the End of Days, and the events that are now binding them together, are factual. Provable by research – which YOU have not done!

    Accusing him of mysticism – again without any proof, just opinion – among the many other things you have said, discredit you for writing an ‘op-ed’ (opinion piece) presented as fact.
    We are warned against those who slander others in the faith, since we already have one ‘accuser of the brethren’, that is, satan .. we do not need more accusers. Nothing you have said here is beyond the realms of mere criticism, speculation, and opinion.

    If that’s how you feel. I get it. But don’t present it as fact. Because it’s not, and Jonathan Cahn has brought a lot of people to Christ, with a manner and an opnion that you don’t like.

    And that’s all this is.

    Romans 14:4 – “Who are you to judge another Man’s (Christ’s) servant?”
    Matthew 12:36 – “You will give an account for every idle word you speak.”
    Mark 3:25 – “A house divided against itself cannot stand”
    Romans 14:12 – “Every man shall give an account of himself!”
    Galatians 5:15 – “Do not tear each other to pieces.”
    1 Peter 4:17 – “Judgment comes to the House of God FIRST”
    2 Peter 3:11 – “Since all these things are to be destroyed, what kind of people ought you to be?”

What do you think?