1. Julie D says:

    I’m currently sulking more than a little because I don’t know when I’ll be able to see the film, and worried in case it puts Coulson’s team through the wringer again…but to put it another way, none of my worries are really about the film.

    • Financial or time or spatial limitations, perchance? (I can empathize with those.)

      My wife and I haven’t yet seen the corresponding “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” stories, neither this week’s or next week’s (of course). But I’ve already heard non-spoilery rumors that 1) this week’s story is stellar, 2) shock! awe! someone important dies.

      • Julie D says:

        All three.  Rural America is a tough place to be a fan. As for someone dying on AoS…well, check back with me later, cause it’s rather intriguing…

  2. bainespal says:

    “I’ve come to set you free … from freedom,” Loki states, and he’s clearly trying to persuade himself. “Is this not your natural state?”

    I’ve interpreted that scene as a subversion of the Gospel, like what secular humanists think the Christian message is — freedom that enslaves you to bow down to someone else, reducing human dignity. Subversive or not, the scene has that element, even if Loki may be a wimpy anti-Christ.

    • I think it was author Ted Turnau who pointed that out to me. Joss Whedon, the good atheist, may be trying to say something about how this is what religion is like. You bet there’s some humanism there. But of course, much of humanism has been cobbled together from philosophical “parts” stolen from Christianity. So: double-subversion.

  3. Tim Frankovich says:

    The one big failure in Marvel’s cinematic universe, to me, is the inconsistence with music. The first Thor and Captain America movies had gorgeous soundtracks with stellar themes… but neither composer came back for the sequels and the themes were ditched. The Avengers movie should have played with the themes from the previous movies as each character was introduced, but… yet another composer. And now more composers for the 2nd Avengers movie and so on… I love the movies, hate the music inconsistency.

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