1. You make a good point Travis. I was interested in seeing the movie. Your review has spoilers but still leaves a great mystery. There’s that writer ability.

    I think this is a trend of sci-fi movies now as they use entertainment to affect the masses about nihilism. Speculative Faith allowed me to do two posts on the show Rick and Morty, which is unabashedly atheistic and nihilistic. This push to make humans insignificant or not really important, a push to show that we’re all eventually going to end up dead and wasted away with no real significance…how is that comforting? Why do anything when nothing matters.

    Cancer cells may not deliberately kill human beings but they point to a fallen world. They’re not part of the perfection of the world at the beginning when God created. They are symptoms of sin, if I can use the phrase loosely.

    I love your last line!

  2. Travis, thank you for your last point. I don’t care for movies like the one you’ve described because of that very hopelessness. I’m also so very glad our God made all things beautiful for a reason, and though they and we are fallen now, He will redeem even creation. Won’t that be something to see?

  3. I should add I usually love fantasy and sci-fi. I just like the new worlds and peoples and plants to explore. 🙂

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