1. Andrea says:

    You had me at the blurb. I’ve been thinking this for years.
    I’d add that learning to separate truth from lies doesn’t just help us find lies, it helps us find echoes of truth. I’ve gained spiritual insight from atheist authors. This last year, I ran into an awesome “type” of Christian justification in the middle of an episode of Doctor Who. Partly because I watch Doctor Who, and partly because I’ve spent a lot of time studying justification. I didn’t learn anything new, per se, but it helped me see an old truth from a new perspective.
    But yes, if we really are messed up from birth, and right down to the core, no amount of sheltering will save us. It’s like water safety. No, you don’t throw a two-year-old into a riptide. But keeping them away from water doesn’t guarantee their safety. The best thing to do is teach them how to swim when they’re young, starting with a kiddie pool and working your way up. And then you never have to worry about letting them play near water.

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