1. You have just convinced me to buy it! Great article and I love you passion!

  2. Paul Lee says:

    I sincerely wish Travis, Mythic Orbits and all its authors the best of success. And in the spirit of promoting other Christian authors, I want to make sure that the efforts that have gone before are not forgotten:


    I really supported The Cross and the Cosmos quite a lot back in the day. For a long time, I was reviewing every single story individually. For the most part, it crashed and burned. I’m not so optimistic that any of the individual authors from T2C ever did much better, though I hope and trust that they’re still striving forward with their anthologies and their storyworlds. There was good talent there. G.L. Francis is seriously the best contemporary poet I know of, and Frank Luke’s medieval fantasy alternate church history is conceptually intriguing.

    It seems like acknowledging past efforts is an appropriate way to spend New Years’ Eve.

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