1. notleia says:

    This seems like it needs a disclaimer of some kind:

    *Please don’t go randomly punching wildlife. Defensive action only.

  2. Paul Lee says:

    Yeah, this is something many dads have probably wanted to do. I was asked by someone I know to help make one of these for his son—I used it as a final project for a design class.

    That’s why I’ll support. When someone has the opportunity to make the dream come true, I think it’s important to support the effort, so that at least one dream will have become real in order to act as a sort of “Christ” for all the failed dreams and disappointments.

    I developed this line of thought partially from something Brandon Sanderson said in some old Writing Excuses episode—how he felt responsible for all the would-be fantasy writers as the one who “made it.”

What do you think?