1. Sparksofember says:

    #2 – as a status symbol – this I think is very true although I bet they only impress certain types of people. Regardless, my bookshelves are what I am proudest of in my home and I also love that I never have enough space on them.

  2. That whole big library or huge bookshelf is great if you’re in a stable career, with a stable income, and foresee living in about the same general location most of your life.

    If you’re like me, who has NONE of those guarantees, then a virtual library is an absolute Godsend. The heaviest thing I had to move the first time I hopped apartments was all my books, and I decided I just couldn’t keep them all (especially the ones I hadn’t reread in years). Now I have a modest, limited bookshelf that keeps my absolute essentials (such as books authors have signed or that have extreme sentimental value) while keeping the majority of my reads in digital form, both on my computer and in a zipped backup. Makes moves across town (or across state, or even the country) much, much simpler.

    Also, when I want to quickly look up a character, author, quote, etc, I just pulled up my digital library and perform a search, rather than scattering the room with tomes I might never be able to discover the pertinent information from. That’s very helpful when I write reviews on my blog.

    • Sparksofember says:

      After our 2nd move, my husband bought me a nook and begged me to stop buying physical books. So now I only buy my absolute favorites. But I still get a lot of hard copies by giveaways and such. But we recently bought a house so I told him at least we don’t have to worry about moving for a while! 😉

  3. Julie D says:

    Also,people who think we’re going to go all digital overlook some very real things that print books just do better. No matter how high-tech screens are, print books are easier on the eyes, don’t require batteries, and can flip easier.  I request ebooks from the library, but there are still a lot of books that work better in print.  Anything with graphics or significant imagery, for example. I find it much easier to read comics/graphic novels in print, especially if the author is trying something unusual with layouts.

  4. Lisa says:

    I love my physical books, and I still think the BEST book experience is with a “real” book. But….I have to say I do enjoy my Kindle. Didn’t think I would. But I love being able to look up words I don’t know, or to highlight, make notes, etc. I just have a basic Kindle, so I”m sure if I got a newer one I would love the opportunity to immerse myself even further in the story with all the extras now supplied with some of the newer e-books. And reading a long book is much easier on the hands in e-book version!

    However, there is something to be said for just letting your imagination do the work of “seeing” a place described in the book, rather than clicking on a link to see a picture or an artist’s rendering of it.

    So, basically, I love books in whatever form they are in, and am so glad to be able to experience both the regular book and the e-book.

    I would love to have a wall of books, filled with beautiful first editions or limited editions of my faves. But that’s in my dream world….

  5. J. S. Bailey says:

    I still haven’t jumped on the ebook bandwagon when it comes to reading. For me, it’s easier to look at a physical book when reading. I spend many hours a day on the computer writing and using social media, and when I want to read I like the break from looking at a screen.

    I have several large bookshelves prominently on display in my living room. The books are grouped together by author and genre, so I have my Koontz and King books crammed into one shelf (for example) and my Dekker collection squished into another. I’ve been going to the library more often lately, because while my bookshelves are large, they are also full!

  6. I find it much easier to read e-books nowadays, because I have them on my phone, which is with me all the time, lights up (so I can read when it’s dark too), can be held in one hand, and is available any time I have a moment to read more.

    But when I really love a book, I go buy a hard copy too if I can, because I want it on my shelf to display to other potential readers, and I want to be able to lend it. 🙂  Sadly, I don’t have space for a regular bookshelf in my living room right now (and I have little kids/babies who will pull the books off), so all my books are in the basement right now, rarely seen by anyone.  But I always arrange them on the shelf to showcase my favorites.  It’s like having bumper stickers its says something personal about me, and shares some of my values, so to speak. 🙂

  7. Becky says:

    One of the many reasons I love my physical bookshelf is the aesthetic beauty of it. All those brightly colored covers and favorite titles fill me with joy. It’s like each book is an adventure waiting to happen, and all I have to do is step up and pick one.

  8. dmdutcher says:

    Mostly ebooks for me. Only physical media I have tend to be ones I think won’t be offered digitally or that I want to keep 5+ years. I don’t have people over often, so the status of bookshelves isn’t a factor. I buy some physical books, but mostly textbooks, and my once-a-week trip for manga to books-a-million.

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