1. notleia says:

    Wait, is that the one where main character guy is named Takeshi and is stuck into a white-guy body? And everyone mispronounces his name, even his sister, who comments about getting him out of a “gaijin” body while slightly mispronouncing the word “gaijin”? (It broke my irony meter, is what I’m saying.)

    And it was really uncomfortable to watch the differences between how the character was presented between the white-guy body and the Asian-guy body. Like the white guy was deeply cynical and the Asian guy slanted towards spiritual-Zen-sensei and I’m all like, this feels racist. Like, did they not think that the main character would be sympathetic or relatable while being deeply cynical and almost cruel while in an Asian body?

    Honestly, as an exploration between the difference between body and mind, I like the book “Ancillary Justice” by Ann Leckie (and its sequels) better. Also I can guarantee way less graphic nudity.

    • notleia says:

      If that is the one, I watched it a few months ago and you can see the kind of lasting impact it had on me, where I can’t even remember the name.

  2. Travis Perry says:

    When a show does certain things–regular exposure of human nudity among them–I won’t watch. It doesn’t matter if it’s otherwise good in terms of its writing.

    This stems from me simply being honest about myself and my own capacity to participate in evil.

    It’s a shame though that really thought-provoling series are often the ones leading the charge off the edge into a moral abyss…

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