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What Are Spec-fic Characters Thankful For?

Across genres and galaxies, to kingdoms and spaceships hither and yon, the call went forth, asking the question, “What are you thankful for?” Here are thirty of the more memorable answers.
| Nov 22, 2016 | 4 comments |

It’s that time of year when we turn our attention to the ways we’ve been blessed and the reasons we have to be thankful.

Let’s see what spec-fic characters say on the matter.

Across genres and galaxies, to kingdoms and spaceships hither and yon, the call went forth, asking the question, “What are you thankful for?”

Here are thirty of the more memorable answers.

What Are Spec-fic Characters Thankful for?

Katniss: Peace and quiet. No more killing. Peeta.

Random Redshirt: I’m thankful for life. It’s a precious thing, one we too easily take for granted.

Tony Stark: Money and technology, duh. And while we’re at it, my natural charisma.

iron-man-awesome-memePippin: A pint of beer and a pipe full of Old Toby after a hard day’s work.

Data: Since I am an android, an emotional response to something, such as being thankful, is nothing more than a stimulation.

Barry Allen: This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful my speed gives me the ability to save people. And I’m beyond thankful for Iris, Joe, my friends at Star Labs. Yeah, I’m just thankful.

Loki: What do I have to be grateful for? Many things, but why would I tell you what they are?

Peeta: I’m grateful for burnt bread and Katniss, especially her love for me and loyalty even when I was a monster.

Westley: I’m thankful for Buttercup and true love.

Hermoine: I’m so thankful for school books and knowledge and the teachers at Hogwarts, and the opportunity to learn so much and to improve my wizarding skills. And of course Harry and Ron and sweets and magic and wands and the Time-Turner.

Luke Skywalker: I’m thankful for the Force.

Saruman: I am grateful for power and authority.

Hulk: I’m thankful for highly stretchy pants. I wish they could figure out how to apply it to shirts.

Gimli: Malt beer, red meat, good friends.

Peter Quill: I’m thankful for my cool team, awesome spaceships, the chance to explore the galaxy, sweet tech, and my cassette tape.

Reepicheep: The tail is the glory and honor of a mouse. I’m thankful for it, and for the great lion Aslan, who gave me that gift and more besides.

Snape: Potions.

The Joker: Hahahahaha. I’m grateful for Batman. He’s such a delight, a mouse to torment. And I’m thankful for Gotham, my playground.

The Doctor: Where do I start? Where do I stop? My good old TARDIS, faithful companions and friends, galaxies to explore, planets to save. My sonic screwdriver. BOW TIES!

Captain Kirk: I’m thankful to be the commander of the best ship in the Federation fleet. And obviously my crew.

Sam Gamgee: I’m thankful for Mr. Frodo and growing things and my garden, and for Rosie Cotton.

President Snow: The scent of roses and loyal subjects.

Felicity Smoak: Well, let’s see. I love my computers, and I’m fond of my friends on Oliver’s team, even though he can be a pain.

Effie Trinket: Oh my, yes. This is easy. I’m thankful for all the bright colors that make life exciting. I’m thankful for fashion and good taste, expensive clothes and sumptuous food.

Gandalf: Beards, pipes, hobbits, and my staff.

Lucy Pevensie: I’m thankful that I got to go to Narnia. I’m thankful for the wardrobe in dear Professor Kirk’s house, my siblings, Reepicheep, grand adventures, the lessons I’ve learned, and most of all, for Aslan.

Smeagol: Fishes, precious!!! All the fishes. We’re thankful for them, aren’t we, preciouss? Yess, very thankful.

Darth Vader: Black boots, black cloaks, black masks, a massive empire to oversee, and lightsabers.

Spiderman: New York City. It’s a glass jungle out there begging me to swing and swoop through it. I’m also thankful for my power. Without it, I couldn’t save people, and that’s what I care about the most.

Random Stormtrooper: Stationary targets.

Who would you add to the list, and what would he or she be thankful for?

Zachary Totah writes speculative fiction stories. This allows him to roam through his imagination, where he has illegal amounts of fun creating worlds and characters to populate them. When not working on stories or wading through schoolwork, he enjoys playing sports, hanging out with his family and friends, watching movies, and reading. He lives in Colorado and doesn't drink coffee. He loves connecting with other readers and writers. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Goodreads, and at his website.

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Audie Thacker

Obi-wan Kenobi: I’m thankful I found the only oasis on a planet where people have to farm for water. That let’s me support my hermit lifestyle.

River Song. I’d tell you what I’m thankful for, but that would be…spoilers!

Captain Picard: Earl Grey, hot.

Han Solo: I’m grateful that people have forgotten about the Star Wars Christmas Special. Chewie and I smuggled out all the copies and dumped in the Kessel Run. What are you talking about, what is this thing called YouTube?

Rebecca LuElla Miller

This is so good, Zac. You’ve really captured the voice of these various and varied characters. Impressive!

I’d add these:

Eustace Clarence Scrubb: I’m thankful that Aslan has claws sharp enough to rip away my dragon scales. And that he didn’t dig so deep as to shred me to pieces.

Taran: I’m thankful for pigs. Didn’t used to be but I’ve learned a thing or two since meeting the High King.