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Reviewing New Conferences, Exploring Two Fantasies

A rundown of our Realm Makers conference coverage, plus a promised comparison of (yes) the “Harry Potter” and “Left Behind” fantasy franchises.
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Oh yes, I’m assembling my thoughts after the first Realm Makers conference, which fellow Spec-Faith editor Rebecca LuElla Miller and I have already covered here:

More upcoming explorations:

  • Realm Makers 2013 Review — Thursday, Aug. 8 (my own review of the conference)
  • Realm Makers: What Could Come Next? — Friday, Aug. 9, by fantasy novelist Morgan Busse

poster_undesirableno1harrypotterMeanwhile, over at Christ and Pop Culture, I’ve also been exploring two bestselling franchises that Christians might assume aren’t at all alike. Yet they both include magic/miracles, secret societies, Satanic enemies, and supernatural battles between good and evil.

Once upon a time, specifically the late 1990s, these franchises fought. One was set in a world of good wizards, a dark lord, non-magical citizens, and a global battle between light and darkness. It won over bestseller lists. This surprised readers, because this series was by a Christian thriller novelist and a Christian prophecy teacher: the Left Behind series.

At that time arose another series about a boy wizard by British author J.K. Rowling.1

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Paul Lee

Thanks much for the coverage.

Kessie Carroll

The coverage was great! I wish more folks had tweeted their experiences.

I read your article about Left Behind/Harry Potter. When the comments start going “Narnia and LOTR are the only legit Christian fantasy”, I mentally turn off. :-p