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Lorehaven Magazine Reviews Christian-Made, Fantastical, Published Novels

Starting this spring, you can find brief, biblical, positive, useful Christian fantastical novel reviews in Lorehaven magazine.
| Jan 30, 2018 | 8 comments |

Today I happily announce that my old piece Can You Review My Novel? is null and void.

Previously, whenever authors asked Speculative Faith, Can you review my novel? we had to answer, “Probably not.” Why? Because Speculative Faith is run by volunteer writers. Most of the time we have our hands full with our weekly articles. (Some of us also maintain the Library, write for other websites, attempt our own novels, try to start magazines, etc.)

Anyone is welcome to share reviews with Speculative Faith. But if someone offers “get a free novel if you write a review”—we haven’t been able to say yes in 98 percent of cases.

Until now.

Now, if someone asks Can you review my novel?, then we’ll have only three questions:

  1. Is the novel Christian—that is, by a Christian author?
  2. Is the novel fantastical—in genre, such as fantasy, sci-fi, or supernatural/horror?
  3. Is the novel published—either independently or traditionally?

If so, then yes, we would like to see this novel for possible review at Lorehaven.

This digital webzine, starting this spring, will feature micro-reviews of Christian-made, fantastical-genre, published novels—the newer and more excellent, the better.

Later, after each issue releases, reviews will also join the book in the Lorehaven Library.

Readers, this means you can find the kinds of books you want and that we recommend.

Authors, this means we’re working to put your book in the hands of new fans.

Lorehaven review standards

Each Lorehaven book review will be:

  • Efficient. You can read the review in a flash.
  • Smart. But not cynical or snarky-for-its-own-sake. We like great stories.
  • Biblical. We’re Christians. So we review like Christians, while respecting stories’ right to go overt or subtle with any naturally occurring biblical themes.
  • Current. We’re prioritizing newer novel releases.1
  • Positive. We strive to review only the best we get. 2
  • Balanced. We watch for truth, beauty, goodness, and all three of their opposites.
  • Excellent. We have high standards for books’ themes, imagery, and artistry.
  • Useful. See at a glance which readers would best like this book.
  • Practical. Parents, you can read about a book’s challenging content.
  • Diverse. Different reviewers, subgenres, ages, maturity levels.

I’ve already begun editing existing reviews, and I’ve found many books I can’t wait to read. And you’ll love our sterling crew of reviewers (including several creatives from Speculative Faith): Austin Gunderson, Avily Jerome, Shannon McDermott, and Zachary Totah.

Click here to send your book for possible review by Lorehaven’s staff.

Lorehaven library

If we select a book, then due to demand and our quarterly schedule, its review could take some months. Then the review will only appear—at least at first—exclusively in Lorehaven digital magazine. (Sponsored reviews are also available; you can ask about this below.)

However, fans and authors can always recommend the book for a free listing in our online library of Christian-made, fantastical-genre, published novels.

Each listed book also gets shared with our social-media platforms, tagging the author in the process (that is, if he/she has shared social-media links with us). Book titles will also be linked in digital copies of Lorehaven, giving readers more info about any book we mention.

Click here to send your book (or favorite book) to the Lorehaven Library.

Any other questions?

If so, you can share a comment below.

Or ask us anything more confidentially with the suggestion box.

We look forward to using these new resources to help you, your family, and your church explore, review, and find truth in fantastic stories.

  1. Authors can still share older novels. A reviewer with spare time may pick one up, read it, and be unable to help him– or herself from writing a fantastic review.
  2. Lorehaven will decline to review some novels solely because of limited space. However, our emphasis on positive reviews does mean that we would rather not review a book than review it poorly.
E. Stephen Burnett is coauthor (with Ted Turnau and Jared Moore) of The Pop Culture Parent: Helping Kids Engage Their World for Christ, which will release in spring 2020 from New Growth Press. He also explores biblical truth and fantastic stories as editor in chief of Lorehaven Magazine and writer at Speculative Faith. He has also written for Christianity Today and Christ and Pop Culture. He and his wife, Lacy, live in the Austin area and serve as members of Southern Hills Baptist Church.

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Carol Gehringer

Are you looking for more reviewers? I review for Christian Library Journal and my own blog. I would be glad to share my older reviews of Jill Williamson’s books, Kathy Tyer’s Firebird series, and many Enclave books, etc.

G K Werner

What a wonderful offer! I would love it if you’d review Skipjack and the Baleful Banshee whenever you had time. But I’m not sure how to use your platform to send my e-book to you free from Amazon. They don’t call me Mr. High-tech for nothing. (I have to pay them.)

Autumn Grayson
Autumn Grayson

Does this also apply to graphic novels/comics? Also, will this also include reviews for speculative films(animated or live action) and video game projects?